Kevin believes that education is the key to a successful future.  But money alone won’t solve our education problems.  We must eliminate excessive administration costs and use the savings for pay raises for good teachers.  Kevin believes we must have standards and accountability for our education dollars, but Common Core is NOT the right answer.  The values taught in our schools should be local Oklahoma values, not liberal values manufactured elsewhere.

Health Care

Kevin Calvey OklahomaHealth care decisions are better left to individuals, not the government. Doctors know better than bureaucrats how to treat patients. For a government to force its people to buy anything – including health care – is anti-American. ObamaCare also treads on our religious liberties and creates higher taxes, burdensome regulation and bigger bureaucracy.

For these reasons over 1,000 Oklahoman’s joined Kevin Calvey as he took on ObamaCare in a Constitutional court challenge.

Kevin will never stand for a system that gives control over our personal lives to federal government bureaucrats.

Set Budget Priorities

Kevin Calvey believes some essential areas of government must be fully and responsibly funded; areas like education, transportation and public safety. He will set common sense priorities for spending our tax dollars.


Kevin has long been a strong advocate for the energy industry. Kevin favors retaining the prior tax incentives for horizontal drilling, and NOT increasing taxes on the energy industry. Regulation on fracking and water disposal should be at the state level, NOT the federal level; Kevin believes our state officials will come up with regulations that will protect the environment WITHOUT raising costs on producers. Kevin understands that the federal government’s environmental regulations are way too strict and costly on the energy industry, and that we need to reduce the burden of regulation, not increase it. Kevin’s late father, Harry Calvey, was an engineer and salesman for Vinson Supply Company, then a Tulsa-based oil and gas supply firm. Kevin grew up knowing that a “Christmas Tree” was not just a green thing to put presents under, but also a term for a an oil well regulator. When Kevin served in the Legislature before, in 2005, he worked closely with OIPA on a bill to attempt to reduce excessive tax assessments on producers, although the bill was killed in the Democrat-controlled state Senate.

Find and Eliminate Waste

When it comes to spending Oklahomans’ hard-earned money, Kevin Calvey will not stand for waste, duplication or pet projects. Just as he does with his own family’s budget, Kevin will identify and eliminate unnecessary spending.

Improve Accountability

Every tax dollar should produce a measurable return on investment. Kevin aims to hold agencies fully accountable for the dollars entrusted to them. When programs fail, Kevin will fight to stop the flow of funds. Likewise, he will support funding when programs prove successful.

Support Small Business and Job Creation

Kevin has a long track record of helping our small businesses through comprehensive tort reform, workers compensation reform and reduced regulation. A small businessman himself, Kevin always will work for policies that smooth the path to prosperity. Kevin has received awards from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the Chamber of Commerce for his leadership on business issues.

Avoid Tax Hikes

Kevin supports responsible tax reductions and, in 2005, he authored the largest tax cut in state history. He believes government should make do with less, whenever possible, so our families and businesses can flourish.

Second Amendment

Kevin wrote the “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law, and was named “Legislator of the Year” by the state’s NRA affiliate, the Oklahoma Rifle Association (ORA).  Kevin is a sportsman, and is endorsed by the ORA and by the OK2A gun rights organizations.

Caring for our Veterans

Kevin knows that it is important to take care of veterans in need.  Kevin was named “Legislator of the Year” by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) for his leadership in helping our veterans.