Of the many important issues facing our nation, like the economy, national defense, education, and health care,
County Government focuses on a few: criminal justice, especially the jail; county roads; and oversight over other, limited functions.

Reforming the Jail and Criminal Justice

Kevin is running to reform our troubled county jail and the procedures which cause most of the jail’s problems. The recent report commissioned by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce is a great blueprint for reform. Without reforming the criminal justice system, any new jail facility would soon run into problems. Kevin’s life experience makes him uniquely qualified to reform the jail. He knows firsthand the need for a strong criminal justice system. Kevin was awarded the Bronze Star Medal by the U.S. Army for his mission prosecuting terrorists in a hostile fire zone in Iraq. Eight of the cases he prosecuted in Iraq resulted in a sentence of death by hanging. But Kevin knows jail is not a cost-effective method of punishing many non-violent offenses, or of collecting debts from most fines and fees. Kevin believes we owe it to the taxpayers to be both tough on crime and smart on crime.

Fighting for Taxpayers

Kevin Calvey OklahomaFor a government to force its people to buy anything – including health care – is anti-American. ObamaCare also treads on our religious liberties and creates higher taxes, burdensome regulation and bigger bureaucracy.

For these reasons over 1,000 Oklahoman’s joined Kevin Calvey as he took on ObamaCare in a Constitutional court challenge.

Kevin will never stand for a system that gives control over our personal lives to federal government bureaucrats. He will fight against federal intrusion into county government.

Set Budget Priorities

Kevin Calvey believes some essential areas of government must be fully and responsibly funded; areas like education, transportation and public safety. He will set common sense priorities for spending our tax dollars.

Find and Eliminate Waste

When it comes to spending Oklahomans’ hard-earned money, Kevin Calvey will not stand for waste, duplication or pet projects. Just as he does with his own family’s budget, Kevin will identify and eliminate unnecessary spending. The recent state audit of the county Sheriff’s budget should serve as a wakeup call to all county officials, who have oversight authority over the Sheriff’s budget. The former Sheriff resigned after the audit was released. Among other items of concern, the audit showed over $3.3 million in lost equipment, including guns. Kevin will work with other reform-minded county officials to cut the waste and spent those funds to improve operations at the jail.

Improve Accountability

Every tax dollar should produce a measurable return on investment. Kevin aims to hold county programs fully accountable for the dollars entrusted to them. When programs fail, Kevin will fight to stop the flow of funds. Likewise, he will support funding when programs prove successful.

Support Small Business and Job Creation

Kevin has a long track record of helping our small businesses. A small businessman himself, Kevin always will work for policies that smooth the path to prosperity. Kevin has received awards from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the Chamber of Commerce for his leadership on business issues.

Avoid Tax Hikes

Kevin supports responsible tax policy. He believes government should make do with less, whenever possible, so our families and businesses can flourish.

Second Amendment

Kevin wrote the “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law, and was named “Legislator of the Year” by the state’s NRA affiliate, the Oklahoma Rifle Association (ORA).  Kevin is a sportsman, and is endorsed by 2nd Amendment advocacy organizations.

Caring for our Veterans

Kevin knows that it is important to take care of veterans in need.  Kevin was named “Legislator of the Year” by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) for his leadership in helping our veterans.